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Freya Lum
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Basic Information

Dual Blades









Hair Color

Black (with green streaks)



Freya is a senior student at Crowbluff, and works part time in the bakery hosted by the school as a cashier. She is not active in her studies, and misses out on a lot of classes, but still goes on regular bounty missions given to her by her lecturers for the extra money.


Having the appearance of a pale, timid girl, Freya is often mistaken for a ghost when in the right setting.

She has black, slightly wavy and long hair that goes below her shoulders with green highlights. She is often seen with purple eye shadows and a light shade of red lipstick.

Her wardrobe mostly consists of formal uniforms and dresses that she wears to school and work, most notably white collared shirts (belonging to Indignel) with a dark blue vest and skirt worn over it. A red belt rests around her waist with a buckle at the back that can hold her weapon in it's closed state.


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Freya is very well-mannered and has a habit of standing with her hands clasped in front, showing her lack of confidence. The complete opposite of Indignel, she stutters when speaking, and more than often speaks too softly for others to hear. She also sometimes hunches her back in discomfort when in the presence of a crowd of more than five people, and is always the one seen standing alone in the distance when in a group.

Due to her timid nature and appearance, she is easily targeted by older men. Despite this, she is able to easily take down a fully-grown man in self-defense.

When Indignel is present around her, she seems to be able to speak clearer and is more open to others.


  • Her dream is to open her own bakery.
  • Indignel and Freya are not a couple, but their pairing name is "Coffee and Tea" and their song is "Story of a Girl".