World War 4. The reason why the world is the way it is now. Why mankind's technology and cultures are gone. Why we are trying to survive...
because those "mutants" exist.

Main Characters
Av kalikoAv ulyssaAv benAv niyuAv indieAv freyaAv drakeAv bas

Other Characters
Av oliviaAv kamliAv ethanAv elizabethAv naomiAv yvonne


The aftermath of World War 4 has left mankind struggling to rebuild their world. It also left them a leakage of an underground gas that begins to infect living beings, turning them into violent creatures and driving the human species towards extinction.

Kaliko and her team of hunters now fight their way through the recovering world, in hopes of reaching the underground lair of the mutant that's causing the infection, and eradicate it once and for all.


Founded : 2009

Development : 2014

Pilot Release Date : [pushed forward]

Genre(s) : Friendship, Post-Apocalyptic, Angst

Story & Art : sai-shou

Pilot Intro : Intro


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  • The world in the story was greatly inspired by the pilot version of the comic "ToTo (2002)" by Osada Yu-Ko, which was also a parody of "The Wizard of Oz".
  • The word "DIA" is the Malay term for he/she/it. This refers to the entity that may or may not exist in their world.

"Credits" MV

Project DIA Heart a la Mode

Project DIA Heart a la Mode

A DIA-related video illsutrated and done for a school project. :)

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